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Explorer 22-inch Widescreen CCTV

Explorer L-series CCTV for the visually impaired
  •   Monitor Mounted To Adjustable Arm For Easy Height, Tilt,           and Swivel
  •   Simplified Controls & One Piece Design
  •   Tremendous VALUE!
  •   Options: Select-A-Color, Lines and Windowing
  •   Available in 3 Models: 22" MSE-L22  $2495
                                             19"  MSE-L19  $2395
                                             Camera Only   $1995
  •   3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Explorer Classic
The MagniSight Explorer is a true American classic. Building upon the success of earlier models, it was introduced in 2001 and quickly became our best selling product. Featuring a high resolution auto focus camera, simplified controls, optional upgrades, and protected by a 3 year manufacturers warranty. With lower pricing, the Explorer Classic models are a true VALUE.
  • Magnification Range
    3.0x to 57x (19" Model)
    · 3.5x to 65x (22" Model)
  • Adjustable Contrast Control - Whether you are viewing laser printed pages, low contrast newsprint, or a brightly colored photograph, the variable contrast control is a rotary control providing the user the ability to find the optimal setting for their vision.
  • Viewing Table - The Viewing Table is equipped with front-to-back and side-to-side (XY) slides that allow the user to position materials under the camera unit for reading, writing, and viewing various items. The table can be locked with an easy one-lever brake feature.
  • Optional Features
     Select-A-Color Option (S) – In addition to the standard Full Color, B&W, and reversed B&W modes, the Select-A-Color option adds three additional 2-color modes (Yellow on Blue, Yellow on Black, & Green on Black) which are ideal for some eye conditions.
    · Line / Windowing Option (L) – The Line function superimposes a reference line on screen which is ideal for writing. The line position is adjustable and can be moved off screen when not in use. The Windowing function creates an adjustable shadowed area on the screen which aids in isolating a row of text when reading.
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