Text Size Options

Magnisight's 23 year Anniversary logoWe have not implemented onscreen plus and minus buttons for resizing text on our Web pages because these can interfere with the use of the plus (+) and minus (-) keys described here, which, once learned, are easier to use and work on many more sites.

To zoom in and out on the entire page, not just the text, hold down the Ctrl key
and use the plus (+) and minus (-) keys, or rotate the mouse wheel if you have
one on your mouse.

PC Computers

  • Internet Explorer and Firefox
    Choose the View menu > Text Size option to change text size. (The keyboard shortcut is Alt-V, X).
  • Other browsers are likely to have the same or similar options.

Macintosh Computers

  • Use the Cmd key and + or - to quickly change the font size.


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