About Magnisight

Brian Smith speaks about his quality cctv's for the visually impaired

The story of MagniSight is actually a story of personal triumph over disability... Brian M. Smith, founder and president of MagniSight, Inc. is himself visually impaired. Brian has Stargardt's Disease, a juvenile form of Macular Degeneration. This retinal disease causes deterioration of central vision, with limited peripheral vision remaining. Diagnosed at the age of nine, he began the long process of accepting his vision impairment. Brian transformed anger and frustration into determination and courage. Today, much of his time is spent traveling, speaking to individuals with low vision, about how they too can succeed despite vision loss.

Brian began his company in 1990, after earning a degree in Business Management and at the same time, designing a prototype CCTV system. Understanding the daily frustrations of low vision, his goal was to help others with low vision to gain independence, and to improve the quality of their lives with his visual aid product. "There's a lot of anger and denial out there," Brian says. Today he is the driving force behind the design and direction of product development. His philosophy is to make the most of what you have been given, while utilizing technology and special equipment to assist you in reaching your goals.

Magnisight's 23 year Anniversary logoAlong with managing a thriving, nationwide business, which includes servicing visually impaired veterans on a national contract, Brian travels across the country, researching the latest technology as well as providing information to others. He makes himself available to the community as a representative of those who have succeeded in spite of their disability, and in fact, has recently been honored on the Wall of Success at his college. In short, he seeks to inspire and guide others with blindness and visual impairment to accept their disability and focus on their ABILITIES. This attitude has propelled him forward, and even earned him the distinguished honor of carrying the Olympic Torch for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City Utah!

Today, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, MagniSight, Inc. manufactures a full line of CCTV products and markets them nationwide. Each year, MagniSight continues to add new, innovative products while maintaining quality and great prices as its foundation. MagniSight serves as a supplier of quality CCTVs, but also as an educator and advocate for the low vision community